The recipe of the ancient African red tea

The recipe of the ancient African red tea

We’ve all heard the saying that red is the new black in matters of tea. And let me tell you that is not for nothing. Red tea has proved its worth over centuries. The African natives started using the rooibos leaves way before migrants realized the immense power they have. The tea has been used for medical purposes and herbal ones. When migrants came across this discovery, they instantly realized the marketing potential that lies behind the red tea and started trading with the locals.

And this is why and how we came to enjoy nowadays a nice cup of ancient African red tea. You might know this tea under various names, the most famous being the Rooibos tea or the red bush tea. Let me share with you some of the biggest benefits that consuming the African red tea, following its ancient recipe has:

  1. Helps in heart disease situations

First of all, let’s just all acknowledge the fact that red tea contains no caffeine, compared to green or black. It has a high level of antioxidants. When it comes to the heart, red tea has a great effect on blood pressure and cholesterol level, which is essential when it comes to heart disease.

  1. Might prevent cancer

You know what exactly from the plant is awesome in preventing and even treating cancer? The pigment. It basically suppresses the tumor and stops the process of cell mutation. Also, red tea helps the immune system create the antibodies needed to fight back cancer, allergic reaction or even AIDS.

  1. Can help you fight digestion problems

We basically live through times when we can never be sure about what we eat and what the food that we eat contains. Hence, it’s no surprise that our hectic diet leads every once in a while to indigestion problems. African red tea is amazing when fighting these indigestions and even reduces the occurrence of diarrhea.

  1. Your ally in losing weight

We all know how hard it is to lose those extra pounds we gained so easily. And how inefficient diets might prove to be. My advice is to try a healthy combination of physical exercise, healthier diet and some tips and tricks. This is where out African red tea kicks in. it helps ease the stomach aches as well.

All in all, you can see so far that the African red tea sounds like a real miracle that can help you with so many health issues and it bring lots of benefits to your life. Now the hardest question is how we can get our hands on the original recipe that shows us how to prepare the tea as the ancient natives used to.

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My recommendation here would be to get your hands on Liz’s book, since that’s the best one on the market currently. You can also read about Liz’s adventure when she started her exotic journey towards finding out the true recipe of the ancient African red tea. And trust me, it was not an easy journey. In her book you can read much more than just the recipe of the tea, which, by the way, you can prepare at home, the ingredients are not very difficult to reach. Liz also offers a step-by-step guide towards a better overall health through the usage of the African red tea.