Have fun creating your brand voice written

Have fun creating your brand voice written

Have you ever found yourself surfing on the Internet just because it got you addicted?

That addiction is actually fueled by the amount of information that your brain perceives as appealing, in all that mass of article marketing websites.

The words you read on marketing websites are especially written by people to get you addicted. You probably have a favorite blog or a favorite joke site on which you surf daily. Don’t worry, we’re all addicted to something online. But most of the times it is not about the information you receive but in what form you receive it, better said, in what tone you receive the content from those article marketing websites.
For example, you are following a vlog about make-up just because you like the person that presents it. Or you read articles from a blog because they entertain you.
If we are to consider that around all those pieces that interest us, there are tons of information that we don’t even click on, you get caught in the infinity of the Universe.
As a business or a freelancer, if you want to develop, you must get online. All people are online. From the poorest regions of the planet, to the richest, everyone has access to the Internet. You want your business to be there, for everyone, anytime.

How will you manage though?

We just mentioned the fact that the information on the Internet is as infinite as the Universe. There are millions of businesses online from the same domain in which you work. Through all those millions of profiles and voices, you need to be unique. Your voice must speak loud and clear above all the other million voices.

How to form a strong, clear voice?


That’s the key word, here. A trait is a distinguishing feature, a characteristics that defines a personal nature, as it is defined in any dictionary. Before even thinking of the looks of your website, you must find those personal traits about your business.

What defines your business?

Make an exercise of brainstorming. Write on a paper all the words that come to your mind when you think of your business. For example: sweet, color, happiness, people. Can you guess what business is this one? Maybe not, as the keywords are quite general. But let’s try adding more: grandmothers, cakes, Sundays. You might have already guessed that it’s a bakery or a tuck-shop.

Now that you identified some traits for your business, check some article marketing websites that focus on bakeries or this industry. You’ll see that most websites have recipes, a cook hat, some vapors from a hot meal.

But you would want to be more special than that. Create a field of words that relate in some way to your business: like in our case, France, ballrooms, Victorian times, vintage bicycles.

What voice works for your picture?

By now, you already have an idea about what defines your business. If you check again some article marketing websites from the baking industry, you will notice that the tone is quite friendly or servile. But again, you want to be unique. Think of the one chef that you remember from childhood, cartoons or movies and that you loved. Wouldn’t it be cool if that chef was your brand voice?
But he probably can’t be, so you must pretend (without faking it, obviously) that he is there to tell you what to write.

Create a story.

Slowly, the voice of your brand catches form. But that voice must stick to something and that is a story. The online marketing fashion changed now to a personal dialogue with the client, so your voice could show empathy and humanity.
For example, referring to our bakery-fictional case, people usually go to a bakery when they want to sweeten their lives or want to celebrate something. You could be that kind person on a vintage bicycle that they meet and that puts a smile on their faces.

Shaping up your voice is not that difficult, now. Remember, before you dive in creating a brand voice, do your research about the business industry.

Use the Internet as a never-ending source and check out the specialized article marketing websites on your topic.

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