Writing Funny Script Online – Learning from First day Out of Rehab Video

Writing Funny Script Online – Learning from First day Out of Rehab Video

Many funny cartoon series are available on the internet. You can even write the script for those videos. One of the latest videos is “the first day out of rehab”. There is a pug in this video. He was the senior analyst for Purina. It has been over a decade actually. This is the first day of his out of rehab, he wants to make sure everything runs perfectly. He has a hope to make it. The general purpose is to make other patients stop substance abuse. It’s for the sake to avoid financial, legal, psychological, and many other consequences caused by drugs.

Watching Funny Videos Online

Comedy is a good solution to help with the rehab. Some people even take many advantages from comedies. They consider funny as a good income source. Someone who can write funny scripts has a good chance in earning good money. When it comes to dialogue, you can put some humor in it. Writing funny script is a spontaneous effort. You can even make some important remarks regarding improving the world. Is it that simple? Some people will take a writing class when they want to write a funny video script. The others only depend on their inner talent regarding funny things.

Are You Interested in Write Funny Script?

According to some experts, there are many rules of writing funny scripts. Just because you don’t have the experience doesn’t mean you can’t write funny things. Writing funny is quite different when compared to doing or saying funny matters. Those who are able to crack up others often times aren’t able to write a funny script. Both the talent and skill are required when it is about writing funny dialogues. You can nurture this skill either from formal or informal education. In fact, you can take advantages of some funny videos provided at Ourneighborbob.com. It’s a simple thing to write a funny script based on those videos.


Many professional funny script writers will include a perfect plot. They even use some family funnies and other videos. It doesn’t matter how many funny moments included in those scripts. People need only to pay attention to the plot. It should be both absorbing and meaningful. Being a funny script writer also needs a talent. Laughs often come in unexpected ways. People can’t predict about it. Sometimes, the watchers find something funny that you don’t even expect from your script.


Another consideration is regarding the sense of humor. Planning everything by your own isn’t recommended. Instead, you can look for help from your friends or family. With this, you are able to be a better scriptwriter. There are many people who are able to write good jokes and funny lines. They are available online so you can simply hire them for your own sake. In the end, you need to find your own genre. Pug seems boring for some people. Yet, it has a good message of fighting the hardship of just getting out of rehab. The video is made by making a pug face speak his sorrow. You just might adore him. I did.

There are many contents which can be developed more from that video actually. You can definitely learn something by visiting Our Neighbor Bob.

I for one find it hard to believe this guy Bob Miller is 100% like his neighbor’s say. If there ever was an enigma, he’s one.

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