Why you should use concrete slabs in building?

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The minimum construction time. According to the finished project, builders assemble a house from panels – quickly and without technological delays.
The work is carried out without seasonal dependence. Indeed, even in the winter period there is no need to stop the construction of the object of their concrete products.
No shrinkage. Reinforced concrete panels do not shrink, which means that immediately after collecting the box, you can proceed to the next stages – insulation, decoration, etc.
Good soundproofing. Especially when it comes to special insulated panels and floor slabs.
The opportunity to get a truly warm home. The heat transfer resistance of high-quality reinforced concrete products is higher than that of most alternative structural materials.
There are no restrictions on the exterior design. For finishing the facade, absolutely any engineering solutions can be used – from cladding with siding panels to textured plaster.
Fire safety. Reinforced concrete panels and slabs made in strict accordance with GOST do not burn.

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