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Invented by Kiwi John Wadsworth, the original Unovent system brought forth a game-changer in the ventilation industry. Aiming to disrupt the market, John introduced a ductless home ventilation system that uses low-voltage fans in each room, keeping the system simple and energy efficient.

The Unovent portfolio now include four major products – Xgen, Xtract, Xtra, and Xchange – and with those products the company is committed to providing ventilation solutions for every Kiwi home.

Xgen is the original, ductless Unovent system. This positive pressure system improves air quality by reducing dampness and preventing mould and mildew. It is fully automated and costs as little as $1 a month to run.

The Xtract range as the name suggests covers products for areas that need extract ventilation. It includes attic fans that remove heat and moisture from roofs and attics; extractor fans that remove moisture from bathrooms and utility rooms; and kitchen rangehoods that tackle steam and remove cooking odours from kitchens.

Xtra allows you to set a comfort level for the entire home and have it automatically controlled all year round, you simply set and forget!

Lastly, homeowners looking for an Energy Recovery System will love Xchange, a balanced ventilation system that turns your stale, outgoing air into fresh, incoming air.

With these products, Unovent is able to create healthier homes nationwide. They recently joined Just Life Group, which is giving them the scale to obtain their goal of allowing every Kiwi home to have a Unovent product.

To learn more about their range of products and services, visit the Unovent website at

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