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Parcelport is an online, ticket-less, pay as you go courier booking & freight management system, integrating various New Zealand couriers into one easy-to-use software. It is a cloud-based freight portal which works with e-commerce companies across all industries.

Parcelport believes dealing with freight should be easy, moving goods fast and efficiently – no surprises or guesswork. Simply working together, shoulder to shoulder, to achieve one common goal will keep your customers happy.

They have developed a freight module that can either be integrated into an ecommerce solution or used as a standalone application. By partnering with two of New Zealand’s biggest freight wholesalers, Parcelport is able to provide top-quality freight on which businesses can rely on.

Parcelport has a substantial database of users, which means they offer shipping at reduced rates for both large and small volume clients. The freight application is simple to set up and use for the dispatch of goods and documents, only needing a computer and internet connection to access their online services.

No matter whether you are big or small business, Parcelport has the solutions and feature sets that will improve your despatching and business fulfilment need. For cheap, reliable and top-quality track and trace freights, visit the website today!

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