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The Maat Group offers commercial property investment opportunities in New Zealand, specialising in property syndication for purchasing quality properties with quality tenants and providing satisfactory return for investors.

The Maat Group was formed in 2009 with the vision of creating individual investment syndicates to purchase commercial property in a regulated and transparent environment. The Directors in the Maat Group have since then combined their business expertise to provide high-quality investment opportunities.

The Maat Group offers property syndication investment opportunities via the publication of a Product Disclosure Statement. Each purchase opportunity from the Maat Group is thoroughly researched and analysed before being offered for syndication, and then purchased using a combination of investor equity and borrowings.

To make things hassle-free for their investors, the Maat Group is responsible for property management following acquisition, financial statement preparations, annual reporting, and monthly dividend distribution payments. Their services are both comprehensive and reliable, as they manage a large portfolio of commercial properties.

The Maat Group manages commercial properties all over New Zealand, including Porirua, Whakatane, Auckland and many more. The Maat Group also offers commercial property management services and various insurance and financial planning services.

To see current high-value commercial real estate investment offers from the Maat Group, visit the Maat Group website today.

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