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#1 Platform to find Genuine Buyers, Sellers and Investors for MSME, Suppliers, Manufacturer, Import & Exporters, commodity Traders and Individual Professionals.

Globaleadz is a B2B Marketplace Mobile App launched in the year 2018 to cater its services to Indian MSME’s, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and investors by helping them increase their business visibility, faster business expansion, and find new business opportunities locally and as well as globally.

Globaleadz is innovative Mobile App specifically tailored for buyers, sellers and Investor’s needs and aimed to solve real world problems and help them bypass tedious and time-consuming means of offline communication to find new business opportunities. Globaleadz make business collaboration more uniform, transparent and efficient by providing systematic and well-organized buyer and seller information, including analytics, catalogues, pricing, best deals and instant notification and messaging services.

Globaleadz is maintained and promoted by HHDGL Holdings. Under the guidance of its highly qualified, experienced and committed team with innovative vision and problem solving approach Globaleadz is aiming to become India’s largest B2B mobile commerce platform in upcoming year.

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