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Fence Lab is a subsidiary brand of Edgesmith that specializes in designing and installing gates and fences. Fence Lab balances design and execution responsibilities, and creates great fence and gate architecture that meets the essential equation of style, security and safety. Fence Lab employs a system in which clients are invited to be part of the design process along with their design engineers, managers, fabrication team and automation technicians. This allows Fence Lab’s clients to be part of the installation from beginning to end.

Fence Lab’s design methodology understands and incorporates the importance of first impressions. When it comes to gate design, Fence Lab knows that your gate is likely the first thing people see when they arrive to your property – good gate design sets the tone for what guest can expect within your property.

Fence Lab’s fence design skills cover a broad range of potential needs – fencing is a versatile product and Fence Lab’s offerings reflect this. Whether it is a residential landscape fence, or a bespoke security perimeter solution, Fence Lab has something for you. Their capabilities span from competitively priced standard panels through to locally finished products and fully designed and engineered gates made in the workshop, specified to fit a unique location.

We are located at 20 Anvil Rd, Stanmore Bay, Silverdale 0932, NZ

Call us at 0800 336 2369

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