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A career episode for Engineers Australia skills assessment is a record of your education as well as work experience in the engineering field. Each career episode centers upon a particular period or distinctive part of your engineering activity. The focus of each career episode writing for Engineers Australia assessment must be on an alternate period or part of your engineering activity. The focus of every episode should be on how you applied your engineering knowledge and abilities in the selected occupation.

Career Episodes for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment dependent on work experience must be provided with proof of employment. These ought to be uploaded to the “Employment” area of your online application.

Career Episode writing is an essential part of your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) – required by Engineers Australia (EA) to judge whether your engineering aptitudes and knowledge coordinate the Australian standards or not. Engineers who aspire to migrate to Australia need to apply under one of the four occupational classes characterized by Engineers Australia for Skilled Migration:

Professional Engineers
Engineering Technologists
Engineering Associates
Engineering Managers

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