Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water

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When deciding which water source you need for your home or business, bottled water and filtered water are usually the two main options if you want a step-up from tap water. Both, bottled water and filtered water, can help reduce the amount of pollutants in drinking water. But which is better: bottled water or filtered water? This article goes over some of the benefits of each so you can make the choice that works for your home or business.
Benefits of Bottled Water.
The Convenience: There’s no doubt about it, bottled water is convenient. You can take it with you wherever you go or easily pick it up on the go. Nothing beats its convenience.
No filter changes: With a water filtration system, you drink tap water that passes through water filters. The filters must be changed according to the instructions to remain in place (for high quality filters, usually annually). When using bottled water, there is no need to change the filter.
Cons of Bottled Water.
Environmental Impact: Plastic is one of the leading environmental hazards on the planet. Even though plastic is recyclable, sadly, only 20% of water bottles are recycled.
Bottled Water is Expensive: Even if you don’t care about the ethical and environmental impacts of bottled water, this one should make you sit up and pay attention.
Benefits of Filtered Water.
Cost-effectiveness: With bottled water or water cooler systems, moderate to heavy usage means faster emptying of bottles and the need for constant purchase of more water. This increase in usage leads to costs that can quickly add up. With filtered water, once your system is set up, you’re good to go for a long time (usually one year). So, using filtered water helps save both time and money.
Filtered Water is On-Demand: One of the biggest advantages of filtered water is getting it exactly when you need it. You don’t need to buy in bulk to keep it in stock, and you won’t run out of it. With just the flick of a button or lever, you’ve got contaminant-free drinking water!
Cons of Filtered Water.
You Will Need to Replace Filters: Once you have purchased your filtration system, the other recurring cost is for water filters. You will need to replace filters periodically, but how often and how much a new filter will cost will depend on the filtration system.
Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water
To us, the answer is clear. Filtered water will almost always beat out bottled water. We hope this post helps you to better distinguish the differences between bottled water and filtered water.

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